DRI CANADA January Webinar - Disaster Related Deployments on Canadian Soil
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Eastern
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This webinar will delve into disaster relief deployments from a Canadian perspective. As Canada sees a rise in natural disasters affecting its communities, the webinar will explore the intricacies of how various organizations and agencies respond when disaster strikes within the country. Speaking to managers with experience working on such domestic deployments, this will provide viewers with the opportunity to gain insights into the emergency management community within Canada, speaking to the importance of response strategies and community resilience. 

Professional Practices Addressed
Incident Response
Crisis Communications
Coordination with External Agencies


Alexander Landry, CBCP, P.Eng, PMP
Josh Bowen, VP Organizational Excellence, Team Rubicon
Scott Cameron, Co-Founder, Emergency Management Logistics Canada
Donna Dupont, Founder, Purple Compass
Pascal Rodier, MStJ, MA, CEM, PCP, SAS

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