DRI CANADA April Webinar - Broadcast Intrusive Amber and Public Safety (Police) Emergency Alerting in Ontario
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Eastern
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Broadcast Intrusive Amber and Public Safety Police Emergency Alerts are distributed via the National Public Alerting System to quickly notify the public of critical and potentially life-threatening events. The role of public alerting in incident response and the need for external agency coordination, coupled with crisis communications is essential in incidents that threaten public safety. 

Learning Objectives
1) Understand the role of public alerting in incident response and public safety.
2) Identifying and mitigating potential communication barriers in emergency situations. 
3) Understand the importance of public alerting and coordination with external agencies in multi-jurisdictional events. 

Professional Practices Addressed
Incident Response
Crisis Communications
Coordination with External Agencies


Inspector Todd Pittman, CBCP
Inspector in the Provincial Operations Centre, Ontario Provincial Police
Ontario Chair – National Amber Alert Working Group
Co-chair – Ontario Amber Alert Steering Committee

Inspector Todd Pittman, a 21-year member of the Ontario Provincial Police has demonstrated leadership in his role as a Commander in the Provincial Operations Centre. With a focus on public safety, he has managed the Amber and Public Safety Police Emergency Alert portfolios, ensuring a swift and effective response to public safety alerts. Inspector Pittman has also served as the Emergency Management Coordinator, Canine Unit Commander and Provincial Emergency Response Training Coordinator of the OPP. He is a Certified Business Continuity Professional, recipient of the 20-year Police Exemplary Service Medal, Team Achievement Amethyst Award and Police Medal of Bravery. 

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