DRI CANADA May Webinar - Business Continuity Management (BCM) Maturity
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Eastern
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One might think that measuring the maturity of business continuity is quite simple. Could it be as simple as decreasing the number of incidents that impact your organization? Could it be as simple as reducing your insurance premium for business interruption insurance with mitigation and preparedness? The answer is no; it is not that simple! This is because there are numerous dimensions to implementing a business continuity management (BCM) program, which includes governance, education, and awareness, understanding of the organization (e.g., BIAs), preparing the organization (e.g., action planning, exercises, etc.), responding to and recovering from disruptions, as well as learning from what has happened to improve for the future (i.e., lessons management, after-action debriefs, and after-action reviews). All of these work together to contribute to the maturity of business continuity.

Learning Objectives
  1. How to measure maturity of your BCM program.
  2. Identify BCM maturity model options.
  3. Review complimentary analysis & assessments (e.g blind spot and blackswan analysis, complex change analysis, etc.)
Professional Practices Addressed
Program Initiation and Management


Kenton R. Friesen, B.A., B.Sc., CEM, CBCP, MBCI, ISO 22301 LI​

A continuity, emergency, and risk management professional with experience implementing, managing, and maturing corporate resiliency strategies.  This includes leading and/or facilitating cross-functional teams, establishing governance frameworks, crisis and incident response management, lessons management (i.e. after action reviews), quality assurance, increasing awareness through education, as well as client or stakeholder engagement.  Excellent credentials with more than 20 years’ experience facilitating corporate wide resiliency objectives within large organizations at the management level.  Am able to think outside the box and motivate diverse specialists to contribute to a team effort in a collaborative and proactive working environment.
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