DRI CANADA June Webinar - Keeping it Simple Mitigating Supply Chain Risk and Tabletop Exercises with Essential Vendors
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Eastern
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This DRIC seminar will assist BCM professionals (seasoned or otherwise) regardless of organization or sector following a simple process needed to effectively address vendor operational risk to mitigate the loss of a Vendor (post onboarding) and potential impacts to you your organizations livelihood. With the increased reliance on vendors and with due diligence in mind Vendors need to be integrated  into BCP Exercises in a non-confrontational way to ensure a beneficial outcome for both parties if the Vendor is unable to deliver its products and service at time of disruption.

Learning Objectives
Assesses and evaluate vendor criticality to understand and methods to protect the organization, employees, and customers from risks that are posed because of third-party activities. Learns how to promote Vendor’s preparedness with resiliency as the destination. Learn about some enhanced practices to engage a critical vendor with your tabletop exercise leveraging an incident management discussion-based informal session where both teams can talk through their roles, responsibilities and responses in the event of a business or vendor-based emergency or incident.

Professional Practices Addressed
Program Initiation and Management
Risk Assessment
Business Impact Analysis
Business Continuity Strategies
Incident Response
Plan Development and Implementation
Awareness and Training Programs
Business Continuity Plan, Exercise, Assessment and Maintenance
Crisis Communications
Coordination with External Agencies


Vito Mangialardi, CBCP, MBCI, PMP

Senior Business Continuity Management (BCM) Leader with more than 25 years of achievement delivering Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Emergency, and Incident Management Programs with operational resilience as the goal when unfavorable disruptions are occurring.  Direct experience spans both public and private sector positions with sectors that include nuclear, telecommunications, transportation, insurance, automotive and environmental.

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