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Important Notes When Registering for a Course:
  • Members of DRIE, RECO Quebec, EPICC, CIPS, OAEM, IAEM are eligible for a 10% discount on courses. When prompted enter the code: DRIC10. You will also be asked for the name of the organization to which you belong and your membership number during the registration process.
  • Registrants have the option of choosing the "Bill Me" option until the course is confirmed as proceeding. Payment must be received prior to marks being released.
  • Registrants are advised against making travel and accommodation arrangements until they have received an email confirmation stating that the course or exam is proceeding. The email confirmation will include the venue location, agenda and other important course details. That email is sent as soon as there are enough registrations for the course to proceed. Course registration closes 2 weeks prior to a scheduled course.The minimum number of registrations required for a course to proceed is 5.
  • The following courses include the qualifying exam: BCLE 2000, BCP 501, BCLE AUD, BCP 601 and HCLE 2000.
  • In-house sessions can be provided at a discount that is dependant on the number of participants. For more information on in-house courses please contact the DRI CANADA office.
  • Upon successfully completing the Qualifying Exam one may apply for certification. The ABCP fee is $200 and includes the first year in membership. If qualified, other certifications are available. For more information, check the Choose Your Certification Level page.
  • Withdrawal Policy: All withdrawals must be received in writing (i.e. email). A $100 CND withdrawal fee will be charged for all withdrawals. If a withdrawal is received more than 10 business days prior to course date, a full refund less the withdrawal fee may be provided. If a withdrawal is received 10 business days or less prior to a course start date, NO refunds will be made.
  • The exam is held on the last day of the accompanying course listed. If someone has sufficient experience/knowledge they may decide to opt out of attending the course and only write the exam. Please note that if the accompanying course does not proceed this exam will not be held.
  • If you choose to only write the exam (see listing at bottom of page), the dates are pending the corresponding course proceeding.

BCLE 2000 - Business Continuity Planning, Online
10/26/2020 - 10/29/2020

Registration ends on 10/18/2020
There are currently 18 spots remaining out of 20

BCP PAN - Pandemic Preparedness for Organizations - November 2, 2020 - Online
11/2/2020 - 11/2/2020

Registration ends on 10/26/2020
There are currently 18 spots remaining out of 20

BCP 501 - Business Continuity Planning Review - Online
11/11/2020 - 11/12/2020

Registration ends on 11/2/2020

BCOE 2000 - Business Continuity Online English November 2020
11/13/2020 - 12/11/2020

Registration ends on 11/9/2020
There are currently 2 spots remaining out of 6

BCLE 2000 - Business Continuity Planning, Online
11/23/2020 - 11/26/2020

Registration ends on 11/15/2020
There are currently 20 spots remaining out of 20

BCLE AUD CSA - Business Continuity Planning For Auditors, Online
11/30/2020 - 12/3/2020

Registration ends on 11/22/2020
There are currently 15 spots remaining out of 15

BCOE 2000 - Business Continuity Online English December 2020
12/11/2020 - 1/8/2021

Registration ends on 12/7/2020
There are currently 6 spots remaining out of 6